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  • WeBill365

    Hard managing receipts & bills from endless customers?

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  • WeTAX

    Want to issue e-Invoice
    directly from POS?


  • WePayroll

    Bulk salary transfers &
    Payslip transmissions

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  • API to check
    Business operational status

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  • API to issue e-Invoice

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  • MES

    Interested in managing
    manufacturing process
    systematically at a glance?
    Meet the smart
    next-generation MES

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  • WMS

    Is warehouse management too complicated? Meet WMS system that optimizes warehouse and delivery center management

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  • ERP

    Interested in managing
    company-wide resources
    such as purchasing, accounting,
    and inventory management
    more efficiently?

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  • morningmate

    Meet our smart and
    efficient global tool!



WABOOKS Users Love Us!
Let's Hear What They Say

Kim Ju-Myeong
CEO, Bornga Landmark81

Expense management is the most important task to prepare for VAT filing without any mistakes. I used to contact the tax accountant and sent the data during the reporting period. The process of supplementing data was also complicated, so my employees kept on telling me they struggle so much with it. But now that all expenses are completely managed in WABOOKS, I am very satisfied that employees are no longer working overtime even during the VAT filing period.

Oh Myung Woo

I had a lot of difficulties communicating with local accounting staff while I was in Vietnam. But since WABOOKS provides three languages, including Korean, English, and Vietnamese, we could overcome the communication barrier. It’s very helpful for us to understand the financial situation quickly and easily. Money management has become really easy now. We can get deposit, withdrawal and daily reports anytime and anywhere with WABOOKS mobile app.

Ms. Van
Accountant , THE WELL SAIGON

WABOOKS automatic evidence collecting is amazing. In the past, I used to organize the bank deposit and withdrawal details at the end of every month. I had to insert them one by one in Excel. Of course, there were a lot of mistakes and missing parts. I often worked overnight to match the wrong amount from the bankbook. Now it’s very convenient where WABOOKS automatically updates the real-time balance amount and the details of the account. I saved so much time by reducing the time to check accounts.

Jeong Jinsu

Since there are a lot of outside work due to the feature of my company, the hardest part was to manage receipts. Even if I bring all the receipts, I had to double check if the e-Invoice has been issued correctly. However now, it’s so convenient to just check WABOOKS mobile app to see if I received the bill in real-time. To manage expense, all you need is to upload the picture of the receipt. Then you can check right away if the e-Invoice has been issued.

Park Young Ho

I run several businesses so I go on business trips frequently. There were many times when I couldn't manage accounting. The accountant I relied on even missed several expenses that caused into bigger serious tax problems. The most attractive part of WABOOKS is that I can check expense management whenever and wherever I want. Now I can go on business trips without worries.

Ahn Chibok

Employees cut their time making daily financial reports to 3 seconds. Before, I had to wait an hour long to receive reports, but now I just need 3 seconds to get it. Employees also love the easy process. WABOOKS is the best way to save your time and effort. Not only its speed, but also WABOOKS never makes mistakes in any reports.

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